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  • Liz Galvao

Bring it On, Bird-Watching, & But You're Just a Hole (LIVE at The Ruby 7.26.19)

On this show:

Liz Galvao, “I Believe That Marriage Should Be Between A Man, A Woman, And His Mentally Ill Wife Who Lives in the Attic”

Julie Sharbutt, “I’m a Garden Person Now”

Hallie Bateman, “The Time I Went Birding”

Kylie Anderson, “Aww! This Inspiring Couple Is Still Living Together Even Though It Hasn’t

Once Been Anything Like the Toothbrushing Scene From Bring it On”

Lisa Laureta, “But You’re Just a Hole”

Kat Ahn, “Ode to My Old Boss” + “Starbucks Rap”

Tiffany Aleman, “Half-Mexican Woman Hires A Biology Professor To Explain Genetics And Phenotypes To Her White Friends” + “White Dude With Dreads Furious About Not Getting Pulled Over By Cops”

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