• Liz Galvao

DJ Khaled vs. Count Chocula, Murder, & Titanic Fans (LIVE at the Ruby 6.28.19)

On this show:

Liz Galvao, “10 Ways I Will Be Murdered” (The Establishment)

@lizgalvao on Twitter and Instagram

Mayur Chauhan, “9-1-1 Operator Who's the Biggest Fan of the movie Titanic”

@MayurKChauhan on Twitter and @mayurchauhanstory on Instagram

Sarah White, “My (Personal) Worst Nightmare”

@haha_sarahwhite on Twitter and Instagram

*Alex Schmidt, “I’m Starting to Think We’re Teens in a Modernized Shakespeare Movie” (The New Yorker)

*excluded from the podcast, but well-worth a read!

@AlexSchmidty on Twitter and @alexschmidtstagram on Instagram

Megan Schwartz, “Dear Parents of Hogwarts Students: We’ve Improved!” (The Belladonna Comedy) + “Which Makes More Sense: Count Chocula or the Things DJ Khaled Yells?” (Robot Butt)

@Deviled_Meggs on Twitter and @megschwartz1 on Instagram

Meena Ramamurthy, "If You Put a Child In a Cage..."

@meenarules on Twitter and @thefobandi on Instagram

Ginny Hogan, “Don’t Get Married Before You Live Together” (McSweeney’s) + “We’re SO Old” (McSweeney’s)

@ginnyhogan_ on Twitter and Instagram

Special thanks to Jeff Thompson, Lindsey Barrow and the entire Ruby staff, and to Purple Planet for our music, at purple-planet.com. #funnyonpaper