• Liz Galvao

Feminist Jason Voorhees, Reparations Uncle, & Non-Fat Yogurt (LIVE at the UCB NY 6.5.19)

On this show:

Liz Galvao, “The Credit Card Application That I, Liz Galvao, Specifically, Should Have to Fill Out”

@lizgalvao on Twitter and Instagram

Caitlin Kunkel, “Yeah Sex Is Cool, But Have You Tried Being a Woman in Your 30s?”, originally published on McSweeney’s

@kunkeltron on Twitter and Instagram

Johnathan Appel, “I'm Friday the 13th's Jason Voorhees. I've Been Reading Feminist Theory And I Won't Be Killing Any Over-Sexualized Teenagers This Summer.”

@JohnathanAppel on Twitter, @johnathan_appel on Instagram

Jiji Lee, “What Should I Watch on Netflix?”, originally published in the New York Times

@thejinius on Twitter and Instagram

Charu Sinha, “I’m a Woman in a Non-Fat Yogurt Commercial”, originally published in McSweeney’s

@charulatasinha on Twitter

Eric Schwartau, “My/Our Generation” + “I Want a New Apartment”

@ericschmerick on Twitter and Instagram

Liz Galvao, “Your Drunk College Roommate, or the Toddler She Has 10 Years Later?”

Taylor Garron, “3 Simple Cocktails to Enjoy Before Drunkenly Discussing Your Childhood Traumas With a Stranger” + “I Don’t Want a Sugar Daddy, I Want a Reparations Uncle”, originally published on Reductress

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Special thanks to Michael Hartney, Kurt Cruz, Bridget Holmes, and the entire UCB staff, and to Purple Planet for our music, at purple-planet.com. #funnyonpaper