• Liz Galvao

Woke Middle Schoolers, Fuckbois, & English Blokes (LIVE from the Ruby 5.24.19)

On this show:

Liz Galvao: “I Need a Vacation From My Vacation! So I Abandoned My Family Forever” originally published on Reductress

@lizgalvao on Twitter and Instagram

Kat Curtis, “5 Steps to Forgetting Your Fuckboi”

@thekatcurtis on Twitter, Instagram, and Tiktok

Eshaana Sheth, “Just An English Bloke on Holiday”

@the_eshaana on Instagram

Sally Miller, “Honest College Alumni Profiles” originally published on McSweeney’s

@sally90039 on Twitter and Instagram

Nat Torres, “Things I Wish Were Illegal for White People To Do”

@mxnatalietorres on Twitter and @nataliesnorres on Instagram

Ryan Hynes, “For Every Initiation Fee You Pay Today We'll Send an Initiation Fee to a Child in Need” + “What I Can Only Imagine Middle Schoolers Write in Yearbooks Now”

@ryhynes on Twitter and Instagram

Mary Ashley, “Do Away With That Privilege Guilt With These Adorable Accessories!”

@mashley9 on Twitter and Instagram

Special thanks to Lindsey Barrow, Jeff Thompson, and the entire Ruby team, and to Purple Planet for our music, purple-planet.com. #dragrace